Live Streaming system is a powerful and multifunctional tool for organizing live streaming from a smartphone or tablet.

Your smartphone is a ready-made video device that is always at your fingertips. All you need to organize live streaming is a free Android mobile app.

Install the application, register using only the nickname and password you have invented, and just press the “Start” button. Everything!
From this moment, your smartphone will start live stream using a secure data transfer protocol. Watching the live stream will be available only to you using the Web-application in which you are already registered under your Nickname!

You can connect an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets to your account and watch live streams from all these devices simultaneously in your account.

All live streams are stored in the cloud of the system in real time. Live streams recordings are available only to the account owner.

Adjust the live stream quality according to your network bandwidth for the best quality!

Cloud Storage

Do you want to look after your child while you are busy with urgent matters, even when you are at home?

Do you need a “Baby Monitor”, but you do not have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment/device “here and now”?
And you don’t want to spend money on buying a camera and the time to set it up?

  • Install the application on your Android smartphone;
  • Mount the smartphone on any tripod, phone holder, pointing the smartphone camera at your baby’s crib or baby care arena;
  • Turn on the live stream and watch from anywhere in your home – what is your child doing and is everything good with him!

Even if you are at work or away from home, and a nanny is looking after your child, you can always make sure that everything is in order with your child.

The advantage of our solution is mobility. Your smartphone with the application installed does not depend on the availability of mains power or one of the network connections (WiFi or cellular).

In most cases, our free plan will be enough for you to keep an eye on your little baby!