How to install the app?2021-07-01T11:49:12+00:00

The Doshow.me mobile application is minimal in size and can be installed in a few seconds!

1. Download the app from any available source.

2. Run the application and grant the following permissions (rights):

  • Allow DoShow.me to take pictures and record video;
  • Allow DoShow.me to access this device’s location;
  • Allow DoShow.me to access photos, media, and files on your device;
  • Allow DoShow.me to record audio.

3. Register or Sign in if you already have an account (registered earlier in the application or on the website).

4. Grant the app the right to run in the background (if you want to use the app’s location service in the background). By default, this feature is disabled in the application.

5. USE. Using the Doshow.me program is extremely easy! One click on the broadcast button is enough and that’s it! Your broadcast will start immediately, with the default preset parameters, and will be available in your account.

Why do you need alternative sources of the application?2021-06-30T23:16:31+00:00

We offer several sources to download the app.
The download is available both from our website and from alternative Google Play app stores.

This is sometimes necessary when you:

  • Google Play service is not available (for example, these are areas where there are restrictions on the operation of Google services);
  • the user does not want to register a Google account (this may be due to both the user’s unwillingness to disclose personal information, and with a simpler and faster option to install the app on a “clean” smartphone).