Second life of old smartphones.

Do you need a video surveillance system? Do you need a system that can be started quickly and easily? You do not need to buy expensive equipment. Forget about the complicated and expensive installation and connection process.

You can use any old unnecessary Android-based smartphone. All you need to do: install the application.

The main advantages of the system are the ability to almost instantly and at no additional cost launch a video surveillance system at any location, at any object. The only requirement is Internet access.

Application (the list of methods is not limited to the options mentioned below):

  1. At home.
  2. At commercial enterprises.
  3. In the state and communal sphere.
  1. Home use:
    – Observation of an apartment or room.
    – Monitoring the child.
    – Pet Watching.
    – Observation of the courtyard or staircase.
    – Monitoring the car.
  2. Application in commercial enterprises, cafes, shops and other facilities:
    – Supervision of employees.
    – Observation of the room.
    – Monitoring the territory of the enterprise.
    – Observation of company vehicles (in the cabin and on the road).
  3. Application in the state and communal sphere.

The DoShow.Me system can be effectively used in the work of utilities and services.

– Quickly turn on the protection of courtyards, car parks, objects of communal property.- Quickly deploy a system for monitoring employees at any site. For example, on a site for repairing a pipeline, road, planting green spaces or cleaning the yard.

– Remote management of employees performing work, remote consulting in difficult situations, the ability to visually study the problem via the camera of the employee’s smartphone on the spot.

– Supervision of public transport, special equipment, emergency vehicles, company vehicles.

– Control by citizens of the quality of public services. Citizens can participate in monitoring public services without the need for direct contact. Each citizen can connect and broadcast what is happening.

How does it work:

– Video and audio surveillance in real time.
– Vide and audio recording to the cloud for future viewing.
– Access to records is completely confidential and personalised with user authentication. The account owner can download records and send it by e-mail or messengers, publish in social media and on the websites.

In the process of video surveillance – you can remotely connect to broadcasts and watch in real time via any connected smartphone.

Remote control of application.

Emergency alerts by devices in certain cases. There is a SOS button on every video surveillance smartphone.

For a video surveillance system, you can use almost any Android-based smartphone and tablet. The system is scaled almost to infinity: theoretically, you can use any number of devices at the same time.

Easy setup: just install the application and enter the username / password for the account.

All records are stored on a remote server, which increases their security and reliability (there is no possibility of falsification of records that appears when storing records on local devices).If necessary, you can connect the personal smartphone of any employee to the system and use it to monitor and record what is happening in real-time view and downloading a copy to a remote secure server.

Technical issues

The quality of the video will depend on the resolution of the smartphone’s camera. If the system is used in an apartment or face recognition is not required, then a 2 megapixel camera will be sufficient. For a clearer image – a camera of 5 megapixels or more is recommended.

For high-quality broadcast, a high-quality Internet access channel is required. If possible, it’s best to use a Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile network (4G or higher). For ordinary translation, which doesn’t require the high-quality video (Full HD), is quite suitable mobile Internet, which has now become fast, qualitative and cheap.

If it is supposed to broadcast for a long period of time and there may not be enough battery charge of the smartphone, it is necessary to provide mobile phone charging. If it is not possible to provide power to the smartphone using the power grid, you can extend the battery life by using power bank or use the broad