provides control and security at all stages of the delivery of documents and cargo.

Courier delivery services have become an integral part of our world. But courier delivery is only a small part of a huge sector of the economy engaged in logistics and delivery of cargo of any size, volume, weight and destination.

One of the main issues in the delivery of documents and cargo is the safety of the courier, cargo and the vehicle that is used for transportation. Unfortunately, in the modern world the level of criminal danger is constantly growing. Couriers may be robbed, vehicles may be attacked, and attempted thefts are possible. The courier is not safe against hooligan actions.

An important task is also to control the employees which are involved in the transportation and handling of cargo, the points of loading and unloading, the storages and offices of transport companies. provides continuous monitoring of all stages and elements of transportation and delivery of any inventory items. The delivery process is constantly monitored, which makes it possible to promptly respond to any emergency situations.

Thanks to, the courier is constantly monitored, and it will help him/her to feel safe. Constant monitoring by the dispatcher is one of the security functions of if the dispatcher sees the need, then he can intervene at any time and take the necessary actions to help the courier and save the cargo. is a simple tool and with its help you can easily and quickly launch a full-fledged video surveillance system of cargo and employees at all stages of delivery. One of the functions of the system is the storage of all records in the cloud of the system and a guarantee of the safety of records. Even if the attackers destroy the smartphone that you used for monitoring, all the records will be safe.

Getting started with is very simple:

– Install the application on a Android-based smartphone or tablet;
– Register by simply entering your username and password;
– the system is ready to work – click “Start” and start a live broadcast with recording in the cloud! is the best tool for control and security in the sphere of logistics and delivery management of any level and scale.

Published On: July 5th, 2021 / 2.1 min read /